“Some veterinarians are recommending a new product called Medi-Crunch™. Medi-Crunch™ has a flavorful crunchy exterior and creamy soft peanut butter based interior into which a capsule or pill can be inserted. The low-cal combination of crunchy and soft encourages the dog to take the medicine.”

Dr. Marty Becker

Appearing on Good Morning America, 20/20

Author of “Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul”

“The Medi-Crunch™ treats are a huge success!!!!!!! We have to give our dog, Maddie, 3 pills/day for the next two months. I just gave Maddie the last treat with a 100% success ratio.”

Chris H., Idaho

“It is not only a nutritious way to medicate your pet, but it also makes pill time enjoyable for the owner and pet.” — Dr. Lori Corriveau, DVM, Purdue University “I love to recommend Medi-Crunch™ to my clients. It is not only a nutritious way to medicate your pet, but it also makes pill time enjoyable for the owner and pet. My clients are thrilled to have such a product available to them. The pets and their owners both benefit from the use of Medi-Crunch™ to medicate their pet. After all, the pet really just wants the medication to taste great!”

Dr. Lori Corriveau, DVM

Wellness Clinician

Purdue University Veterinary Teaching Hospital

“Porter is old and set in his ways and you can’t get much by him. But push his meds into a Medi-Crunch™ and he takes it right away with no hassle. It has literally been a lifesaver for him. I absolutely love the fact that I can fit three pills into one treat!”

Larry B., Maryland

“Medi-Crunch™ has made giving our dog Chopps his medications much easier. Chopps just loves the treat. He doesn’t even know that he was taking a pill. I would recommend anyone who has a dog to buy these, as it makes your job much easier.”

Kent, Peggy & Chopps

“Love this product – my dog has an oral tumor and has to take daily meds – this product is soft enough that it doesn’t irritate the tumor but tasty enough that he loves them! So excited to have found this product!”

Julia M., Illinois

“Teddy had to take another Benedril last week and it was easier than I could ever imagine. No worries! Thanks for Medi-Crunch™! I cannot believe how easy it is now to ‘pill’ my dog. Now that I have had him for 5 weeks, he is starting to get chubby and I certainly am interested in the ‘low cal’ aspect of your Medi-Crunch™ product. Teddy had to take another Benedril last week and it was easier than I could ever imaging. No worries! Thanks for Medi-Crunch™.”

Nancy W., NY

“I finally found something that I love and so does my dog. Giving medication to my dog can be an exhausting task. I have tried other brands before. Either the pocket falls apart when I try putting the pill inside, or my dog would find the pill, eat the treat and spit the pill out. As a dog owner, it is frustrating and challenging. Not to mention, other brands have caused my dog to throw up. I finally found something that I love and so does my dog. With the crunchy exterior and the soft interior, the pill adheres to the treat and my dog eats the entire thing and doesn’t even notice the medication. Medi-Crunch™ works great and my dog loves the taste! I highly recommend.”

Kelly L., Indiana

“Medi-Crunch™ brand dog treat has thought through the problems of disguising medication for our canine friends. Medi-Crunch™ solves the problem of dogs discovering the different texture of a pill or capsule by having them bite through the crunchy exterior, and it solves the problem of dogs tasting the medication if they bite into the pill or capsule by capturing the medication in the peanut buttery core. Most dogs I see in my clinic will gladly take Medi-Crunch™ as a treat. Several of my clients tell me that they could not give prescribed medications to their dog without the help of Medi-Crunch™. Medi-Crunch is the real deal when it comes to giving a stubborn dog a new treat (medicine). It is also very helpful for those who have weak hand strength and need to give Bowser pills or capsule several times daily. I recommend Medi-Crunch to anyone who has a difficult time giving a pill to a dog.”

Dr. Carey Wasem

Zionsville Animal Clinic

WIBC Weekly Talk Show

“Medi-Crunch™ – Great Product, Great Value! A few months ago I ran across this product online and decided to give it a try. I have two dogs and they both take pills daily and they are always spitting them out. One dog takes five pills while the other takes two. All of the pills fit inside one treat and my dogs cannot get enough. It’s very light on their stomach, never upsetting. If you are looking for a quick, easy way to give medication to your pet, this product will deliver great results and a great value. I’ve tried similar products on the market, for the price you can’t go wrong!”

John H., Pennsylvania

After using Medi-Crunch™ dog treats in my hospital for 3 months, I find I really like the product. It is quite convenient for my clients to use and safe for their pets. One elderly client of mine must give her pet 2 -3 tablets daily for his various medical conditions and uses Medi-Crunch™ to get that medicine safely to her pet. I have found the product to be accepted by at least 90% of the pets we offer it to with some pets readily consuming the product as a treat. Your product has been a valuable addition to my practice and we don’t know what we would do without it.”

Dr. Jim Dechand

Banfield Pet Hospital

“I have always had difficulty getting Izzabella to take her medication. I have tried several different things. Mayonnaise, cheese and even peanut butter. She would always eat the food, but would spit out the pill. Not only was it frustrating because I was wasting expensive medication, but it was also very time consuming and a constant battle. Then I found Medi-Crunch™. I was simply amazed how easy it was to get Izzabella to take her medication. Just one easy step of putting the pill inside the treat that is filled with peanut butter. That’s it. She loves the smell of the treat and gets so excited. The peanut butter along with the crunch is the perfect way to get your dog to look forward to medication time. She likes the treats so much that it has become her reward for behaving. I wish I would have had this years ago. I definitely recommend this product. I promise the everyday struggles of giving your dog medication will disappear.”

Paeton T., Indiana

“Getting bit by either of them was a worry at the time. Medi-Crunch™ takes all that away. As a single mom to little Gracie and Griffin (both tiny dogs), Medi-Crunch™ makes medication time a real breeze. I used to place my hands in and around both Gracie’s and Griffin’s mouth forcing their jaws open and the medication down their throat. Getting bit by either of them was a worry at the time. Medi-Crunch™ takes all that away as my hands don’t go anywhere near their jaws and giving medication is a snap. No matter what size the dog, what used to be a struggle is now fun and easy for both of us. Thank you Medi-Crunch™!”

Mandi, Gracie and Griffin, Ohio